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I was given the opportunity by Mom Select to try a new product for kids called HEX BUG NANOs and let me tell you that these are the coolest little buggers that I have seen..As soon as they arrived there was excitement in my children.they look like mechanical roaches or let them roam around  in a habitat that is pretty easy in design to build they move around as if they had some sort of intellegence..they try and figure out a way out of one section to get through the habitat..let me tell you a little about how they work..
 How it works. The motor inside the Nano rotates a counterweight that causes forces up and down. The down force causes the legs to bend and the Nano moves forward. The up force causes the creature to hop lifting the front legs off the ground and allowing the legs to unbend. This up and down movement repeats several hundred times per second causing the Nano to move forward. The Nano creature's ability to flip over by itself is due to the rotating forces caused by the motor and the unique internal and external chassis design (and a little magic).
COOL right!!!!!!!!!! Well the only negative that I  have for this toy is that you would have to probably  buy a couple of replacement batteries since they seemed to run out within the week..or that could have been caused by my children playing with them everyday..If you would like more information or would like to purchase these cool little toys then you can go to  they carry all the original hexbugs plus the hexbug nanos and accessories.Remember Christmas is just around the corner and these cool little toys will not dissapoint.They are perfect to unwrap on Christmas morning and will provide hours of fun.
 Here are some pictures of what my set included..I will post more pictures of the whole thing put together  as they become available.

2 random readers will win 1 hexbug nano in its test tube to try for themselves all you have to do is repy to this post with a comment about this product and why you think your child might enjoy it and you could win!!! contest ends on Friday October 15th 2010  no entries will be accepted after this date ..GOOD LUCK!!!

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity by momselect to try and review this product and was not given any monetary compensation for doing so.

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