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Wow are  we ever stuffed. We had good food, family and a day full of board games. Our family knows how to have fun. Not only did we have turkey with all  but games galore.. We love us some family time gaming. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. I don't think I have laughed as much as I did this day. My jaw hurts from so much laughing.  Even though we tend to get together for family style events all the time  this year just seemed different. Well time for the black friday shopping. Just make sure and have all your essentials for a hectic rush of customers and be careful.
Momselct has given me the oportunity to host an awesome mommyparty with the main attraction being the Dragon Universe toys from Mega Bloks..As if playing with toys wasn't cool enough..Mega bloks goes and makes these cool toys called Dragon Universe..We have been holding our excitement of opening up each and every item that we were sent until  the party on November 13, 2010...
this is one of the awesome toys we will have fun trying out the day of our party..I will come back and post some pictures and comments about this party in a couple of days.. We cannot wait until we are able to play with these.. In the meantime if you would like some more information about the Dragon Universe then click on this link and find out a bit more 

Disclosure: I was not given any monetary compensation in exchange for my opinion however I was given all needed items for the party..