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If you are looking for a soft, tasteless cold breakfast cereal then the Kashi GOLEAN crisp is not the cereal for you. This cereal is surprisingly yummy..I got a sample  and some coupons from Kashi and I tried it while I watched Tv in the morning.. boy was that a mistake because the crunch from the cereal didn't let me hear a thing on t.v not like that is a bad thing.I have eaten plenty of cereal and let me tell you that most of the cereals I eat gets soggy after a couple of spoonfuls however the Kashi ceareal I tried stayed pretty crunchy to the last bite.hmm maybe I ate it a bit fast since it was really really it is good..This is a Naturally sweetened multigrain cluster cereal with 9g of protein 8g of fiber and 7 whole grains..If you are looking for a healthy cereal alternative that also tastes great I reccomend you give the Kashi brand a try. Did I mention that my children also loved this cereal and they are picky eaters that usually like unhealthy cereal with A-lot of sugar on it....As stated in the kashi website Kashi golean has as much protein as an I did not know that..if you would like some more information, recipies or if you would like to sign up to get some offers from Kashi you can sign up here..

Disclosure: I was not given any monetary compensation to post this review..I was however sent a sample and some coupons for $ off for a future purchase..

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