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what can I say its delicious I tried the strawberry flavored one and it tastes so good I couldn't believe how good it is I didn't think that something with fiber in it could taste as good as it did but yummmyyyy. My children had a chance to try it and almost finished every single one of the little containers. This is some good stuff....Most definatly reccomend it 5 out of 5 stars from me.
Lynette Hornung

I have been eating Yopait for a long time.
My favorite is Blueberry or Strawberry, but I like them all. I eat it for a snack when I am craving ice cream or other snacks that are not good for me. I just recently tried the Fiber One variety. Even though the container seems smaller I find it to be more satisfying. Fiber in me diet has always been a problem and this is a plus for me. To add crunchy to it I sometimes times add granola to it. Yum Yum. Makes me feel like I am being naughty with my eating. LOL Thanks for adding the Yoplait Plus to the line of yogurt available.


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